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What People Are Saying

“Lucinda is a genius, and full of knowledge. If it wasn’t for Lucinda helping me to step out of my comfort zone I would have never completed my first book. She took one concept of mine and turned it into a reality for me and for that I am grateful. Her passion for greatness has motivated and inspired me to greater heights. She is in my eyes the greatest coach one can have on their team. I recommend her to anyone who is serious about taking their dreams and turning them into reality! She will take you to the next level.”

Lisa Brice

“Lucinda Cross is truly a unique individual. Her personality, energy & positive attitude are all contagious and make you want to take that extra step in order to succeed in business. I truly enjoyed having Lucinda Cross at our “Branding: How to Create the Right Image for Your Business” workshop as our guest speaker. I highly recommend her to any entrepreneur looking to reach and obtain true success in their business.”

NY Women’s Chamber of Commerce

“Lucinda is not only a dynamic biz coach but she truly cares about seeing her clients succeed. She is an above average coach that provides unconventional tools, methods, and messages to motivate you into greatness. Lucinda is witty, creative, sincere, and among a host of awesome characteristics not found in other business coaches. Lucinda walks her talk. I recommend her if you are searching for direction. ”

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